About Us
The future is looking very good for Silver. Platinum prices are very high and Gold prices are at record levels. This has made the public take another look at Silver, and they like what they see. We plan to fill our site with carefully chosen pieces of Jewellery that are made to the highest standards and we aim to sell them at the most affordable prices that we possibly can.


It really is possible to combine outstanding quality with rock bottom prices. After your journey through the silver925jewellery.co.uk site you may need to pinch yourself as you quickly realize the fantastic value for money offers that we have to show you. Once you visit our website and begin to browse through the many thousands of products you will probably never have to go shopping for jewellery at any other location.

Our clients
For almost 40 years our parent company Taylor' s Of York has been serving the trade sector and it's only recently that we have decided to give our services to the general public. This changeover has been welcomed by people from near and far who enjoy high quality and low, low prices.

Design shop
If you've seen a design and it's not on our web pages don't worry. Just send a picture or a good description and we will acquire or recreate that special item just for you, only it will be less expensive than the one that you first saw !! Just contact ace jewellery directly and we will do the rest.